model: 600X1

Dimensions12" x 9" x 2-3/16"
Power Rating
RMS Power @ 4Ω300 Watts x 1 <0.5% THD+N
RMS Power @ 2Ω600 Watts x 1 <1% THD+N
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (1 Watt)70dB
THD+N (1 Watt)<1%
Frequency Response (±3dB)20Hz to 200Hz
Maximum Input Signal5V
Maximum Sensitivity250mV
Variable CrossoverLow @ 40Hz to 200Hz, 24dB/Oct
Subsonic FilterVariable @ 20Hz to 50Hz, 12dB/Oct
Bass Boost+12dB @ 40Hz
Gain ControlMono
ProtectionOverload and Thermal
Patented Smart Engage Technology
Easiest way to connect after market amplifiers to factory audio systems
Connect directly to the factory head unit via RCA cables or directly to the high-level speaker inputs.
Eliminates the need to remove the head unit during installation because signal can be taken from anywhere along the speaker wire run.
The Smart Engage circuit in the amplifier senses the voltage through the speaker wire once the stereo is turned on and automatically turns the amplifier on, this eliminates the need for a remote turn-on wire.
Patented Adaptive Class D Technology
Superior Class D Design for driving subwoofers
Highly efficient and greatly reduces power lost as heat.
Amplifier does not interfere with AM/FM reception
Xtant Technologies Cooling
Thermal regulated, amplifier intercooler
Controlled by the output volume and temperature
Fan draws cool air in through intake and moves it through the internal heatsink where it cools the internal devices as it pushes hot air out through side vents.
Allows the amplifier to play louder and longer without thermal breakdown.
Clean Aesthetics
Concealed feature set and wiring interface.
All controls and wiring connections are hidden behind removable panels.
Panels are magnetized to remain in place but can be easily removed to make adjusts to controls and wires.
Real Wood
Amplifiers ship with real wood inserts that can be stained to match vehicle interiors.
Install Sheet
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  • Customizable Real Wood Inserts
  • Innovative Design
  • Technologically Advanced